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60W Laptop AC Power Adapter Charger Supply for SAMSUNG Model ADP-60ZH A / 19V 3.16A (5.5mm * 3.0mm)

  • Input Voltage: 100V-240V 50/60hz
  • Output Voltage: 19V
  • Output Current: 3.16A (60W)
  • Connector: 5.5mm*3.0mm,central pin tip
  • Color: Black
  • Warranty: 12 Months

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2,099 9,999 18% GST Included

600 in stock

COMPATIBLE PART NUMBERS :(use “ctrl+F” to find your model quickly)

AA-PA1N90W,AD-6019R,AD-8019,AD-9019,AD-9019A,AD-9019E,AD-9019M,AD-9019N,AD-9019S,AD-9019SL,ADP-60ZH,ADP-60ZH A,ADP-60ZH D,AP11AD002,AP13AD05,API1AD02,API1AD43,API3AD05,BA44-00147A,BA44-00215A,CPA09-004A,NBP001324-00,NBP001518-00,PA-1600-66,PA-1900-08,PA-1900-08S,SADP-90FH B,SADP-90FH D,SAM-SPA-X10,SPA-690E/E,SPA-690E/UK,SPA-830E/EUR,SPA-830E/UK,SPA-A10E/E,SPA-A10E/UK,SPA-P30,SPA-P30E,SPA-P30E/E,SPA-P30E/UK,SPA-T10/UK,SPA-T10E/EUR,SPA-V20,SPA-V20E/E,SPA-V20E/UK,SPA-X10,SPA-X10/E,SPA-X10/UK

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M40 Plus P35 XVM 1500 R25-F003 X10 Plus XTM 1600 II
M40 Plus HWM 745 P35 XVM 1600 R25-FE01 X10 Plus XTM 1700
M40 Plus WVM 1600 P35 XVM 1600 II R25-FE02 X10 Plus XTM 2000
M40 Plus WVM 2000 P35 XVM 1600 III R25-FE03 X10 Plus-25P
M50 XEH 740 P35 XVM 1800 R25plus X10 Plus-85RH
M50 XEP 770 P35-000 R50 WEH 750 X10 Plus-BAX
M50-000 P35-58U R50 WVM 1730 X10 Plus-JSK
M50-1730 P35-5R2 R50 WVM 1730 II X10 Plus-TR2
M50-1730 Cadee P35-GOC R50 WVM 1730 III X10 Plus-V04
M50-1860 P35-PRC000 R50 WVM 1860 X10 Plus-V05
M50-1860 Callum Q30 R50 XEH 743 X10 Plus-V06
M50-2130 Q30 HWC 733 R50 XEH 745 X10 Plus-V07
M50-2130 Baako Q30 Jamie R50 XIH 741 X10 Plus-WR5
M50-T000 Q30 LXC 1100 R50-1800 Couyee X10 XTC 1300
M55 WEC 7200 Q30 Rubin 1100 R50-2000 Cong X10 XTC 1300 II
M55 XEP 2500 Q30 Rubin 1200 R50-CV06 X10 XTC 1400
M55-Pro T2500 Breetoo Q30 Silver 1100 R50-KV01 X10 XTC 1500
M55-Pro T7200 Booker Q30 Silver 1200 R55 Aura T5300 Cavan X10 XTC 1500 II
M55-T000 Q30-SSB R55 Aura T5500 Cazza X10 XTC 1500 III
M55-T001 Q30TWM 753 R55 Aura T5500 Clayton X10 XTC 1500 IV
M55-T003 Q30TWM733 R55 XEC 5500 X10 XTC 1600
M70 Pro Q35 Pro R55 XEH 2300 X10 XTC 1600 II
M70 Pro 2130 Bemus Q35 Pro T5500 Bitasa R55-Aura T5200 Palmer X10 XTC 1700
M70-1860 Cailan Q35 XIC 5500 R55-Aura T5200 Piper X10 XTC 745
M70-1860 Cree Q35 XIH 2300 R55-AURA-SERIE X11c-T5600 Calest
M70-T001 Q35 XIP 2300 R55-AV01 X11c-T7200 Carlin
NP-M50T002/SAU Q35-T2250 Ceron R55-AV03 X11-T2300 Carl
NP-M55T000/SAU Q35-T2300 Caderu R55-C001 X11-T2300 Culesa
NP-M55T000/SHK Q35-T2300 Cotezaa R55-C002 X11-T5500 CeSeba
NP-M70 Q35-T5500 Calvin R55-CV02 X11WIP5500
NP-R50CV02/SAU Q35-T5500 Ruby R55-CV03 X11XEC5500
NP-R50CV04/SHK Q40 Pro U1400 Silver R55-CV06 X20 HVM 740
NP-R50TV02/SAU Q40 XIP 1400 R55-CV07 X20 LVC 730
NP-R55C001/SAU Q45 R55-CV08 X20 LVC 740
NP-R55C002/SAU Q45 Aura T5450 Danyal R55-CV09 X20 WIP 740
NP-R55C002/SHK Q45 Aura T7100 Duke R55-T2300 Calateso X20 WIP 741
NP-R55CV01/SHK Q45 WEV 7100 R55-T2300 Chedsuma X20 XEP 750
NP-R55CV02/SHK Q45-Aura T7100 Damali R55-T2400 Carasej X20 XVM 1600
NP-R55T000/SAU Q45-Aura T7100 Derora R55-T5200 Cyrus X20 XVM 1600 II
NP-R55T001/SAU Q45-Aura T7250 Dalia R55-T5200 Maori X20 XVM 1600 III
NP-R55TV01/SHK Q45-Aura T7250 Devesh R55-T5200 Palmer X20 XVM 1600 IV
NP-X06 Q45-Aura T8300 Dardono R55-T5200 Piper X20 XVM 1600 V
NP-X11 Q45-Aura T9300 Devit R55-T5500 Cemro X20 XVM 1700
NP-X1-1200 Q70 Aura T7300 Devon R55-T5500 Mantis X20 XVM 1730
NP-X1-C003/SHK Q70 Aura T7500 Daargon R55-T5500 Moncis X20 XVM 1730 II
NT-M50/W200 R20 Aura T2350 Declan SX15-C16B X20 XVM 1730 IV
NT-M55/W201 R20 Aura T7200 Deva X05 PRC001 X20 XVM 1730 V
NT-M70/W210 R20 XIV 5500 X05 XTC 1400 X20 XVM 730
NT-R50/C170 R20 XIV 5510 X05 XTC 1400 II X20 XVM 740
NT-R50/W170 R20-A000 X05 XTC 1400C X20-1730 Callia
NT-R50/W200 R20-F000 X05 XTC 1500 X20-1730 Callia II
NT-R50/W201 R20-F001 X05 XTD 1300 X20-1860 Balin
NT-R55/W181 R20-F002 X05 XTM 1500 X20-1860 Cebeur
NT-R55/W182 R20-F003 X05 XTM 1600 X20-2130 Bash
NT-X1 R20-F004 X05-000 X25
NT-X1-C120 R20-F005 X05-001 X25 HVM 750
P30 XTC 1400 R20-FY01 X05-0VU X25 XVM 1600
P30 XTM 1700 R20-FY02 X05-402 X25 XVM 2000
P30 XVC 1400 R20-FY03 X05-FU2 X25 XVM 2130
P30 XVM 1500 R20-FY04 X05-GKO X50 HWM 740
P30-004 R20plus X05-L10 X50 HWM 760
P30-A9Y R20-X002 X05-W06 X50 WVM 1600
P30-BY6 R20-X003 X10 1300 X50 WVM 1730
P30-CA6 R20-X004 X10 1400 X50 WVM 2000
P30-FT8 R20-XY01 X10 1600 X50 WVM 2130
P30-G98 R25-A001 X10 Plus X50 XEP 760
P30-HSJ R25-A002 X10 Plus XTC 1500 X50 XVM 1600
P30-KCW R25-A004 X10 Plus XTC 1600 X50 XWM 740
P30-PD4 R25-F001 X10 Plus XTC 1800 X50 XWM 750
P30-PRC002 R25-F002 X10 Plus XTC 745




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