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Original ThinkPad 00HW002, 45N1701, SB10F46440 Battery For Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon X1C

Original ThinkPad 00HW002, 45N1701, SB10F46440 Battery For Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon X1C


  • Battery rating: 15.2V – Battery capacity: 3180mAh (50Wh)
  • Type: rechargeable Li-ion original battery
  • Compatible with : Thinkpad X1/X1C Carbon


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Estimated delivery date 2024/04/19

Original ThinkPad 00HW002, 45N1701, SB10F46440 Battery For Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon X1C

LENOVO ORIGINAL BATTERY LENOVO 00HW002 Laptop Battery Can Replace The Following Models

00HW002 00HW003 45N1700ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20A8-8005NAU) 45N1701 ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20BT-T0034AU) 45N1702 ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20A8-8S00803) 45N1703 ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20BT-T0037AU) 4ICP5/58/73-2 ThinkPad X1 Carbon 20BS003HMH SB10F46440 ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20A8-8S03Y13) SB10F46441 ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20BT-T003AAU) ThinkPad New X1 Carbon 20BTA0M400 ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20A8-8S04X0D) ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20BT-T003DAU) ThinkPad New X1 Carbon 20BTA06CCD ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20A8-8S35W03) ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20BT-T003GAU) ThinkPad New X1 Carbon 20BTA0FMCD ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20A8-8S3BA00) ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20BT-T003KAU) ThinkPad New X1 Carbon 20BTA01UCD ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20A8-8Z05RUS) ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20BT-T003NAU) ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20A7-70000AU) ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20BT-T002SAU) ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20BT-T003RAU) ThinkPad X1 Carbon (20A7-70004AU) ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20BT-T002VAU) ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20A7-70007AU) ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20BT-T002YAU) ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20A8-80019AU) ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20BT-T0032AU) ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20A8-8006LAU) ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20BT-T0035AU) ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20A8-8S00PAU) ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20BT-T0038AU) ThinkPad New X1 Carbon 20BTA0ANCD ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20A8-8S04604) ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20BT-T003BAU) ThinkPad New X1 Carbon 20BTA0AMCD ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20A8-8S05002) ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20BT-T003EAU) ThinkPad New X1 Carbon 20BTA07BCD ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20A8-8S37Q00) ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20BT-T003HAU) ThinkPad New X1 Carbon 20BTA0FLCD ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20A8-8S3BD00) ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20BT-T003LAU) ThinkPad New X1 Carbon 20BTA06FCD ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20A8-8Z05TUS) ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20BT-T003PAU) ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20A7-70001AU) ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20BT-T002TAU) ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20BT-T003VAU) ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20A7-70005AU) ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20BT-T002WAU) ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20A7-70008AU) ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20BT-T0030AU) ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20A8-8005KAU) ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20BT-T0033AU) ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20A8-8A0K7AU) ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20BT-T0036AU) ThinkPad Carbon X1 i7-4600 ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20A8-8S03J0S) ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20BT-T0039AU) ThinkPad New X1 Carbon 20BTA07CCD ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20A8-8S04C0B) ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20BT-T003CAU) ThinkPad New X1 Carbon 20BTA06ECD ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20A8-8S35T00) ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20BT-T003FAU) ThinkPad New X1 Carbon 20BTA06DCD ThinkPad X1 Carbon 20A8S3A300 ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20BT-T003JAU) ThinkPad New X1 Carbon 20BTA01TCD ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20A8-8S3CS00) ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20BT-T003MAU) ThinkPad X1 new carbon 2015 ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20A8-8Z05VUS) ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20BT-T003QAU) ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20A7-70003AU) ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20BT-T002UAU) ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20BT-T003XAU) ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20A7-70006AU) ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20BT-T002XAU) ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20A8-8000UAU) ThinkPad X1 Carbon(20BT-T0031AU) ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 2 20A8 ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 2 20A7 ThinkPad X1c

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