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Original 19V 3.42A 5.5 * 2.5mm PA-1650-30 65W Laptop AC Charger compatible with Asus VivoBook S500 S550 S500CA Ultrabook ADP-65GD B


    • Input: 100-240V ~ 50-60Hz
    • Output: 19.5V – 3.42A 65W
    • Connector Tip: 5.5 * 2.5mm
    • Colour: Black
    • Warranty: 12 months.
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599 in stock

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  • Input: 100-240V ~ 50-60Hz
  • Output: 19.5V – 3.42A 65W
  • Connector Tip: 5.5 * 2.5mm
  • Colour: Black
  • Warranty: 12 months.

Compatible Part #’s:

0A001-00041600, 0A001-00042500, 0A001-00041500, EXA1203UH A, EXA1208UH, PA-1650-93, ADP-65DW B, ADP-65GD B, AD887320, EXA1203YH

Compatible Models:

0335A1965, 0335C1965, 04G266006001, 04G266006060, 04G266006080, 04G266006220, 04G266008920, 04G266010600, 04G266010610, 04G266010620, 90-N6EPW2012, 90-XB03N0PW00030Y, 90-XB0MN0PW00030Y, 90XB00CN-MPW000, 90XB00CN-MPW010, 90XB00CN-MPW020, 90XB00CN-MPW030, 90XB00CN-MPW040, 90XB00CN-MPW050, 90XB00CN-MPW060, ADP-50SB, EXA0703YH, EXA0904YH, PA-1650-66, PA-1900-04, PA-1900-36, SADP-65KB B, PA-1650-78, 0A001-00040000, 0A001-00040300, 0A001-00040800, 0A001-00041300, 0A001-00041400, 0A001-00041500, 0A001-00041600, 0A001-00041900, 0A001-00042100, 0A001-00042400, 0A001-00042500, 0A001-00042600, 0A001-00042800, 0A001-00042900, 0A001-00043000, 0A001-00043100, 0A001-00043300, 0A001-00043400, 0A001-00043500, 0A001-00043600, 0A001-00043700, 0A001-00043800, 0A001-00043900, 0A001-00044000, 0A001-00044100, 0A001-00044200, 0A001-00044500, 0A001-00044700, 0A001-00044800, 0A001-00044900, 0A001-00045000, 0A001-00045100, 0A001-00045200, 0A001-00045700, 0A001-00045800, 0A001-00046100, 0A001-00046200, 0A001-00046300, 0A001-00046400, 0A001-00046900, 0A001-00047100, 0A001-00047200, 0A001-00047300, 0A001-00047400, 0A001-00047500, 0A001-00047600, 0A001-00047700, 0A001-00047900, 0A001-00048000, 0A001-00048100, 0A001-00048200, 0A001-00048300, 0A001-00048400, 0A001-00048700, 0A001-00048900, 0A001-00049100, 0A001-00049300, 0A001-00049400, 0A001-00049500, 0A001-00049600, 0A001-00049900, 0A001-00051200, 0A001-00052000, 0A001-00053200, 0A001-00370000, 0A001-00370100, 0A001-00440100, 0A001-00440200, 0A001-00440300, 0A001-00440400, 0A001-00440500, 0A001-00440600, 0A001-00440700, 0A001-00440800, 0A001-00440900, 0A001-00441000, 0A001-00441100, 0A001-00441300, 0A001-00441400, 0A001-00441600, 0A001-00441700, 0A001-00442400, 0A001-00442500, 0A001-00442600, 0A001-00442800, 0A001-00442900, 0A001-00443000, 0A001-00446200, 0A001-00446900, 0A001-00447000, 0A001-00447100, 0A001-00447200, 0A001-00447500, 0A001-00447700, 0A001-00447800, 0A001-00660000, 04G26B000621, 04G26B000641, 04G26B000810, 04G2660031D0, 04G2660031E2, 04G2660031M0, 04G2660031M1, 04G2660031M2, 04G2660031N0, 04G2660031N1, 04G2660031N2, 04G2660031N3, 04G2660031S0, 04G2660031S1, 04G2660031S2, 04G2660031T0, 04G2660031T2, 04G2660031T3, 04G2660031U0, 04G2660031V0, 04G2660047D0, 04G2660047L0, 04G2660047L1, 04G2660047L2, 04G265003550, 04G265003580, 04G266003162, 04G266003163, 04G266003164, 04G266004701, 04G266004760, 04G266004770, 04G266010700, 04G266010901, 010LF, 90-N00PW4E00T, 90-XB03N0PW00050Y, 90-XB3NN0PW00060Y, 90XB00BN-MPW000, AD887320, AD887520, AD2087020, AD2087320, AD20870208, ADP-65AW A, ADP-65BW B, ADP-65DW B, ADP-65DW C, ADP-65DW Y, ADP-65DW Z, ADP-65GD B, ADP-65GD D, ADP-65HB-BB, ADP-65JH BB, ADP-65NH A, ADP-65WH-AB, ADP-65WH-BB, EXA1203UH-A, EXA1208UH, K43ST, N65W-02, N65W-03, PA-1650-93, SADP-65KB B, SADP-65NB-AB, SADP-65NB-BB, W15-065N1A, W15-065N1B

FIT MODELS :(use “ctrl+F” to find your model quickly)

K60IL, UX450FDX, PRO5PS, K43BY, X5MJ, S46CA-DH31-CA, A40J, K72DR-X1, X55U-5K, LAMBORGHINI VX2, A41IN, A43SM, X64JQ, N51VG, A43JQ, A54C, K41SE, U52F, A46V, A83T, K42JV-X1, F8SE, A450JF, X84H, EEEBOX PC EB1012, A551C, X54HY, A42JZ, A56CA, A3500L, X8A Series, L3420, K72TA, A73SV, P50IJ-X3, A8000Jm, K53J, V6000V series, A93S, PRO5NBY, PRO8GSV, K72JF, K43SD, X5MSL, VIVOBOOK S400CA-CA010H, PRO8GSD, K72Q, K40IJ-C2B, X5GV, S46CB-WX052H, A4000S series, K73BY, X54F, M70T, A43JC, A53SJ, X50SR, N90SC, A53JH, A83E, K40LN, F7F, A450VB, A45VD, K60IJ, A550L, X43T, A7CC, A55N, X43EE, A42J, A73B, X53X, K60I-RBBBR05, A75VJ, PRO4J, K61XXX, W1000V, A85N, K61IC-A1, X5MV, UX450FDX-1A, PRO8G, K84HY, X5ME, S46CA-XH51, K72F-TY005V, S52N, X57VN, LAMBORGHINI VX5, A42DE, A43TA, X64V, N53SD, A43JU, A54HR, K41E, P53E, A46CM, A5000Ec, A83TK, X85S, K40EA, F8SR, A450J, A6E, X84EB, EEE PC 1201K, A552E, X44E, A42JV, A56CM, PRO35JG, A73T, PRO8GU, A8000Ja, K53JC, A85VS, PRO5NS, A85A, PRO5NTK, K54HY, X5MS, VIVOBOOK S400CA-CA020H, PRO8GSM, K72S, K40IJ-A1, X5GA, S46CB-WX072, A4000Ka, K73BE, X54H-BD1BH, N43JG, A43JF, A43BY, S5200Ne, K40N, U24E, A53JC, A83SA, K42JR-A1, F7SE, A450LC, X43B, ET2203T, A550LB, X54XB, A52JU, A55VD, X43E, A72JT, A73BY, X53XE, K60XXX, A85V, PRO4JS, K61IC-X3, K43B, K52f-sx074v, X5MT, X71VN, PRO8GBR, K72JW, K72JR-X1, X5MD, S46CB-WX005H, K72F-X1, S5200A, X57SR, M50VC, A42QR, A43BR, X71VM, X50Z, N70SV, A54HO, A53Z, K42JC-B1, F6V, A46CA, A84S, K42K, F8VR, A450CC, X84C, ASUS EEE SERIES, A550C, X54LY, L3T, A42JK, A555L, R400DDR, A73TK, PRO8GTA, A8000F, K53JF, A85VM, PRO5NSD, K53SE, W1000Ga, B53F, PRO5NZ, K72JM, K43E, K42JR-VX047X, X5MJF, VIVOBOOK S400CA-CA101H, A40DR, K50I-RBBGR05, X55VM, S46CM-DH71-CA, A41I, A4000Ga, A54L, X54L-BBK2, VX2Sn-Lamborghin, N50VM, A43JH, A53TA, K42F-B1, U30SD, A53JA, A5EB-Q016H, A83SJ, K40ES, F7Z, A450LA, X84L, EEEBOX PC EB1021, A550V, A6000J, X54L, A52JE, A55VM, X43SD, K72SJ, A73SD, X43SV, K53BY, A85VD, PRO5N, PRO5NSK, K43SJ, K52F-SX060D, X5MSQ, X71A, PRO8GE, K72L, K73SJ-TY020V, X5I, S46CB-WX027H, A40JP, K72JR-A1, X57Q, M51TR, A43J, A53BY, X64J, N80VM, A53JT, A43SJ, K42JC-VX152X, F70S, A45VJ, A43U, ADP-65JH BX, K42JP, A450C, X5PSJ, A8N, A55D, L8000B, X44HY, L3M, A42JC, A6GA, X5DIJ-SX039c, U40SD, A75DE, P43EB, K53JN, A85DR, K53SN, B53JC, PRO5PE, K72JQ, K84C, X5MJC, VIVOBOOK S400CA-UH51, A40F, K73E-TY202V, X55U-SX052H, S46CM-WX127H, A41IE, A53SM, X54K, VX2-Lamborghin, N51VF, A43JP, A43SD, K41V, U50F, A53F, A83SV, K42JV-VX054V, F8JS, A450JN, X84HR, EEEBOX PC EB1012U, A550VC, X54HR, A42N, A56C, R1 Series Tablet PC, A38N, A8Jv, K72SV, A73SM, PRO5NT, K53F, A93SM, PRO5NBR, PRO5NSV, K72JE, K54C, X5MSM, VIVOBOOK S400CA-CA008H, PRO8GSA, K72P, K40IJ-F1B, X5GVG, S46CB-WX044H, K73E-A1, M5600N, X54C-BBK3, S6F Leather Collection, M60VP, A43JB, A53SD, X50GL, N81VF, A53JQ, PL80 Series, A83BR, K41VD, F7E, A450VC, A45VG, K52JV, A550JK, X5PE, A8LF, A55DR, X43EC, A42JA, A72DR, X43SJ, K60IN, A75VD, P53XI, K53JT, A8SG, F5RL-AP060E, K61IC-A2, S1XXX, X55U, UX450FD, PRO5PSJ, K43BR, X5MF, S46CA-WX077, A40JA, K72F-A2B, X55Q, LAMBORGHINI VX2S, A42D, A43SV, X64VG, N51VN, A43JR, A54H, K41S, U56E, A46SV, A83TA, A254OH series, K42JV-XN1, F8SG, A450JB, X84EI, EEEBOX PC EB1007, A551CA, X44C, A42JY, A56CB, K72TK, A73SW, P50XXX, U46SD Series, A8000Jc, K53JA, A85VJ, PRO5NE, W1000Na, A95A, PRO5NTA, K72JH, K43U, X5MSD, VIVOBOOK S400CA-CA012H, PRO8GSJ, K72R, K40IJ-B1B, W5F Series, X5GAG, S46CB-WX058H, A4000L, K73BR, X54HB, M70VR, A43JE, A53SK, X61Q, N90SV, A53JE, A83S, K40LJ, F7KR, A450V, A45VM, K62JR, A550LA, X54XI, A72JR, A56V, X54H, L3800S, A42JN, A73BR, X53XC, K53Z, A75VM, PRO4JE, X52JG, K53SA, K53U, X5MTA, VIVOBOOK S400CA-CA006H, PRO8GB, K72JV, K43SA, W6K, X5MDA, S46CB-WX004H, K72F-TY279V, X5C, LAMBORGHINI VX2SE, A42DQ, A43TK, UX50, X64JV, N60DP, A43JV, A54HY, K42JC-A1, F3SG, A46CB, A5000Eb, A83U, X85L, K40E, F8TR, A450E, A6000Vm, X84E, EEE PC 1004DN, A552EA, X44EI, A42JR, A550CA, PRO35SG, A73TA, PRO8GTK, A8000J, K61IC-X4, A8TL751, PRO5NSC, K61IC-X1, W1000Gc, B53E, PRO5NU, K72JL, K43S, X5MJG, VIVOBOOK S400CA-CA022H, A45VD, A45VM, A45VS, A95VJ, A401LB, A405UA, A450c, A450LN, A450V, A456U, A540UP, A556U, A1560, B43A, B53A, B400A, B8430UA, BU401LG, CHROMEBOX2, CN62, E551LA, F201E, F201E-KX052H, F201E-KX063H, F201E-KX064H, F201E-KX065DU, F201E-KX065H, F201E-KX066DU, F201E-KX066H, F201E-KX067DU, F201E-KX067H, F201E-KX068DU, F201E-KX068H, F302LA, F302LJ, F302U, F505ZA, F507LA, F507UB, F540LJ, F541NC, F541SC, F541UA, F541UA-GQ933T, F541UA-GQ1333T, F541UA-XX054T, F541UA-XX057T, F541UJ, F541UV, F541UV-XX291T, F542BP, F542UA, F542UA-DH71, F542UF, F542UN, F542UQ, F550JD, F550JK, F550JX, F550VX, F550VX-DM103D, F550WA, F550WE, F552CL, F552CL-SX060D, F552CL-SX070H, F552CL-SX092H, F552CL-SX138H, F552EA, F552EA-XX133D, F552EA-XX134H, F552LAV, F552MJ, F554LD, F554LJ, F554LN, F554LP, F555BA, F555LD, F555LF, F555LI, F555LJ, F555UQ, F555YA, F556UA, F556UB, F556UF, F556UJ, F556UQ, F556UR, F751LAV, F751LD, F751LDV, F751LJ, F751LK, F751LN, F751MA, F751MJ, F751SA, F756UB, F756UJ, F756UQ, F756UV, FL5800L, FL5900, FL5900U, FL8000U, Flip UX560UX-FJ020R, K43BE, K46CB, K46CM, K55A, K56CA, K56CB, K56CM, K401LB, K401LB-FA003H, K401LB-FR046T, K401LB-FR053D, K401LB-FR084D, K401LB-WS71, K401U, K401UB, K401UQ, K450LD, K451LA, K451LN, K455L, K455LA, K455LB, K455LD, K455LF, K455LJ, K455LN, K501LB, K501UX, K505BP, K505BP9420, K510UF, K510UN, K510UR, K540BA, K540LA, K540LJ, K540SC, K540UA, K540UB, K550CA, K550CA-EH51T, K550L, K550LA, K550VX, K551LA, K551LB, K551LN, K552WE, K555DG, K555L, K555LN, K555SJ, K555UA, K555UB, K555UF, K555UJ, K555YI, K556UA, K556UB, K556UF, K556UQ, K556UR, K556UV, KX099H, N705UF, N705UQ, P42F, P52F, P302LJ, P452LA, P452LJ, P452SA, P452SJ, P453UA, P500CA, P550CA, P550LAV, P550LAV-XO397D, P550LAV-XO397G, P550LAV-XO429D, P550LAV-XO429G, P550LAV-XX765D, P552LA, P552SA, P552SJ, P553UJ, P751JA, P1440FA, P2440UA, P2440UQ, P2520L, P2530UA, P2530UA-XH31, P2530UJ-DM0134R, P2530UJ-DM0145E, P2530UJ-DM0145R, P2530UJ-DM0474R, P2530UJ-XO0045D, P2530UJ-XO0102E, P2530UJ-XO0103E, P2530UJ-XO0103R, P2530UJ-XO0104E, P2530UJ-XO0104R, P2530UJ-XO0170E, P2530UJ-XO0315E, P2530UJ-XO0541R, P2530UJ-XO0542R, P2530UJ-XO0543R, P2540FB, P2540UA, P2540UV, P3540FA, P3540FB, P5440UA, Pro P3540FA, pro P3540FA-BR0143R, PRO P3540FB-BQ0086R, PU301LA, PU401LA, PU403UA, PU403UF, PU404, PU404UF, PU404UF8250, PU404UF8550, PU450C, PU450CD, PU500C, PU551JA, PU551LA, Q200E, Q302L, Q302LA-BBI5T19, Q302LA-BSI5T16, Q400A, Q500A, Q503U, Q503UA, Q504U, Q504UA, Q551LN, R301LA-FN063H, R301UA, R301UV, R303CA, R417, R451LA, R451LB, R453LN, R503U, R510DP, R510EA, R510EP, R510JD, R510JX, R510LB, R510LC, R510LDV, R510LN, R510VB, R510VC, R510VX, R510VX-DM008T, R510WA, R510ZA, R510ZE, R517MA, R540LJ, R540SA, R540SA-XX022T, R540SA-XX036T, R540SA-XX040T, R541UA, R541UJ, R541UJ-DM246T, R541UV, R542UA, R542UN, R542UQ, R554L, R554LA, R556LA, R556LF, R556LJ, R556UF, R558UB, R558UF, R558UJ, R558UQ, R558UR, R558UV, R702UB, R702UF, R702UV, R704A, R704VB, R704VC, R704VD, R752LAV, R752LD, R752LD-TY047H, R752LDV, R752LJ, R752LN, R752MD, R752SV, R753UB, R753UQ, RX410, S46C, S46CA, S46CM, S56CA, S56CM, S200E, S300C, S300CA, S301LA, S301LP, S400C, S400CA, S410U, S410UF, S433FL, S500CA, S510UQ, S510UR, S533FL, S550CA, S550CB, S551L, S551lb, S551LN-1A, S600, S5100, S5100UR, S41000, T300LA, TAICHI 21-DH51, TAICHI 21-DH71, TP300LD, TP300LJ, TP301UJ, TP370QL, TP410UA, TP410UF, TP410UR, TP470EA, TP500LA, TP500LA-DH71T, TP500LB, TP500LN, TP501U, TP501UB, TP501UQ, TP510UF, TP550L, TP550LD, TP550LJ, TP550LJ-CJ023H, U38DT, U38N, U38N-C4004H, U38N-DS81T, U47A, U80, U82, U82U, U303L, U303LA, U303LA5005, U303LA5500, U303LB, U303LB5200, U303LN, U303LN4210, U303LN5010, U303LN5200, U3000, U4000, UX21A, UX31A, UX32A, UX32LN, UX32LN-R4024D, UX32LN-R4029H, UX32LN-R4032H, UX32LN-R4053H, UX32LN-R4078H, UX32LN-R4086H, UX32LN-R4118D, UX32V, UX32VD, UX32VD-DB71, UX32VD-DH71, UX32VD-R3001H, UX32VD-R3001V, UX32VD-R4002H, UX32VD-R4002V, UX32VD-R43317, UX42, UX42VS, UX42VS-W3015H, UX50, UX52VS, UX301, UX301LA, UX301LA-1A, UX301LA-1B, UX301LA-2A, UX301LA-C4003H, UX301LA-C4005H, UX301LA-C4006H, UX301LA-DE150H, UX301LA-DH51T, UX301LA-XH72T, UX302LG, UX303L, UX303LA, UX303LAB, UX303LB, UX303LB-R4060H, UX303LB-R4060T, UX303LB-R4061T, UX303LN, UX303LN-1A, UX303LN-8A, UX303LN4510, UX303LNB, UX303U, UX303UA, UX303UB, UX303UB-1C, UX305, UX306UA, UX310UF, UX310UQ, UX331FN, UX333FN, UX362FA, UX410UQ, UX430UA, UX430UN, UX430UQ, UX430UQ-1D, UX431FA-ES74, UX431FL, UX433FN, UX434DA, UX434FL, UX434FL-A6002TS, UX434FL-A6009R, UX461FN, UX461UN, UX461UN-1A, UX463FA, UX463FA-AI026T, UX463FL, UX463FL-AI025R, UX481, UX481FA, UX481FL, UX530UQ, UX530UX, UX560UQ, UX561UA, UX561UN, UX3490UA, V555L, Vivobook 14 X405UA, VivoBook 14 X405UQ, VivoBook 14 X405UQ-BV047T, Vivobook 14 X405UR, VivoBook 14 X411UQ, VivoBook 14 X442UF, VivoBook 15 F512UA, VivoBook 15 F512UB, VivoBook 15 R564DA, VivoBook 15 X505BP, VivoBook 15 X505BP-EJ094, VivoBook 15 X505ZA, VivoBook 15 X509UA, VivoBook 15 X510UA, VivoBook 15 X510UF, VivoBook 15 X510UN, VivoBook 15 X510UQ, VivoBook 15 X510UR, VivoBook 15 X512DA, VivoBook 15 X512DA-EJ142T, VIVOBOOK 15 X512DA-EJ1015T, VivoBook 15 X512DA-EJ1020T, VIVOBOOK 15 X512DK, VivoBook 15 X512FA, VivoBook 15 X512FA-EJ121TS, VivoBook 15 X512FB, VivoBook 15 X512FB-BQ088T, VIVOBOOK 15 X512FJ, VIVOBOOK 15 X512FL, VIVOBOOK 15 X512FL-EJ158T, VIVOBOOK 15 X512FL-EJ159T, VIVOBOOK 15 X512FL-EJ160T, VivoBook 15 X512JP, VivoBook 15 X512UA, VivoBook 15 X512UA-EJ211, VivoBook 15 X512UA X512UA, VivoBook 15 X512UF-EJ099, VivoBook 15 X515JF, VivoBook 15 X515JP, VivoBook 15 X542UA, VivoBook 15 X542UA-8130W, VivoBook 15 X542UF, VivoBook 15 X542UF-DM004T, VivoBook 15 X542UF-DM005, VivoBook 15 X542UF-DM143T, VivoBook 15 X542UN, VivoBook 15 X542UQ, VivoBook 15 X542UR, VivoBook 17 D712DA, VivoBook 17 F712FA, VivoBook 17 F712FB, VivoBook 17 M712DA, VivoBook 17 M712DA-AU017T, VivoBook 17 X705UB, VivoBook 17 X705UF, VivoBook 17 X705UQ, VivoBook 17 X705UV, VivoBook E402BA, VivoBook E402BP, VivoBook F201E, VivoBook F201E-KX052H, VivoBook F201E-KX063H, VivoBook F201E-KX064H, VivoBook F201E-KX065DU, VivoBook F201E-KX065H, VivoBook F201E-KX066DU, VivoBook F201E-KX066H, VivoBook F201E-KX067DU, VivoBook F201E-KX067H, VivoBook F201E-KX068DU, VivoBook F201E-KX068H, VivoBook F507UB, VivoBook F510QA, VivoBook F512DA, VivoBook F512DA-EB51, VivoBook F541UV, VivoBook F542UF, VivoBook F542UN, VivoBook F542UN-DM161T, VivoBook F542UQ, VivoBook F556UQ, VivoBook F556UR, VivoBook Flip 14 TP410UA, VivoBook Flip 14 TP410UA-EC242T, VivoBook Flip 14 TP410UR, VivoBook Flip 14 TP412FA, VivoBook Flip 14 TP412FA-EC362T, VivoBook Flip 14 TP412FA-EC415T, VivoBook Flip 14 TP412UA, VivoBook Flip 14 TP412UA-IH31T, VivoBook Flip 14 TP412UA-S8130, VivoBook Flip 15 TP510UF, VivoBook Flip TP301UA, VivoBook Flip TP501UA, VivoBook Flip TP501UA-DN010T, VivoBook Flip TP501UA-DN022T, VivoBook Flip TP501UA-DN028T, VivoBook Flip TP501UA-DN063T, VivoBook Flip TP501UQ, VivoBook Max 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14 UX463FA, ZenBook Flip 14 UX463FL, Zenbook Prime UX32V, ZenBook Pro Duo UX481, Zenbook U303LA, Zenbook U303LN, Zenbook UX301LA, Zenbook UX303LA, Zenbook UX303LN, Zenbook UX303LN-R4141H, Zenbook UX303UA, Zenbook UX303UA-DH51T, ZenBook UX303UB, ZenBook UX306UA-Q52S, Zenbook UX331FAL, ZenBook UX333FA, ZenBook UX410UA, ZenBook UX410UF, ZenBook UX430UA, ZenBook UX430UN, ZenBook UX430UQ, ZenBook UX431FA, Zenbook UX530UQ, Zenbook UX3410UF, Zenbook UX3430UA
TravelMate 250PE Series
Clevo DeskNote D470W
Compaq Presario R3200 Series
Inspiron Mini 10 (1010)
HP OmniBook zx
IdeaPad U350 20028
MSI E500
Sager 5100C


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