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7.5V 7070mAh (53Wh) C22-B400A Original laptop battery for PRO BU400,BU400,BU400A

  • Battery rating: 7.5V
  • Battery capacity: 7070mAh (53Wh)
  • Battery cells: 6-cell
  • Type: rechargeable Li-Polymer battery
  • Battery color: Black
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602 in stock

SKU: WM814717-01
GTIN: 7900491814717
Estimated delivery date 2024/04/27

Compatible Part Numbers:
0B200-00160000, C22-B400A, C22-BU400A

FIT MODELS :(Use CTRL+F to find your model)
PRO B400VC-W3020X, PRO BU400A-CZ252G, B400A-XH51, BU401LA-CZ187G, PRO B400VC-CZ135G, PRO BU400A-CZ146G, PRO BU400A-W3161G, BU401LA-CZ088G, BU401LG-CZ033G, ASUSPRO B400V Ultrabook Series, PRO B400VC-W3029G, PRO BU400A-W3101G, B400VC-1C, BU401LA-CZ188G, BU400VC-W3040X Ultrabook, PRO B400VC-W3007G, PRO BU400A-CZ147G, B400A-W3041X, BU401LG-FA206G, PRO BU400A-W3102G, B400A-W3045H, BU401LA-FA221G, B400VC Ultrabook, PRO B400VC-W3010G, PRO BU400A-CZ168G, BU401LA, BU401LA-CZ070G, BU401LG-FA164G, BU400A-W3010X, PRO BU400A-CC090H, PRO BU400A-W3117G, B400A-XH52, BU401LA-FA338G, PRO B400VC-W3018P, PRO BU400A-CZ233G, B400A-CZ207H, BU401LA-CZ130G, PRO B400VC-CZ129G, PRO BU400A-CZ133H, PRO BU400A-W3121H, B400VC-W3007H, BU401LA-FA222H, PRO B400VC-W3022X, PRO BU400A-W3100X, B400A-W3039X, BU401LA-CZ111G, PRO B400VC-W3001X, PRO BU400A-CZ146X, PRO BU400A-W3212G, BU401LA-CZ040G, BU401LG-FA169G, BU400E3317VC, PRO B400VC-W3040X, PRO BU400A-W3101X, B400A-W3010G, BU401LA-FA230G, B400V Ultrabook Series, PRO B400VC-W3007X, PRO BU400A-CZ148X, BU401LG, BU401LA-CZ020G, BU401LG-FA115G, PRO BU400A-W3109G, B400A-W3040G, BU401LA-FA210G, PRO B400VC-W3010P, PRO BU400A-CZ185G, BU401LA-CZ084G, BU401LA-CZ180G, BU401LG-FA123G, PRO B400VC, PRO BU400A-CC132P, PRO BU400A-W3120H, B400A-1C, BU401LA-FA366G, ASUSPRO B400A Ultrabook Serie, ASUSPRO B400 Ultrabook, B400A Ultrabook, B400 Ultrabook, PRO BU400V, BU400A, PRO BU400, BU400, PRO BU400A





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